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(1) Asia Facts Unlimited Teacher Recruiting recruits ESL teachers for many countries in Asia. We now have ESL jobs open in South Korea and from time to time will have ESL jobs in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. No teaching qualifications or experience needed. For job requirements and details of the jobs now open see Teacher Recruiting - ESL JOBS. Even if you wish to work with a recruiter, you can achieve a big advantage over other applicants by using our guides to teaching in Asia. (see below)

(2) All you need for Teaching ESL and all subjects in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong. TEFL, jobs, recruiters, employers, "ESL recruiters", "ESL employers", success in finding that good job, info on living and working in your country of choice, qualifications, salaries, visas, accommodations, much more. There are jobs for those with no teaching qualifications or experience and jobs for qualified teachers.

(3) Information, employers and recruiters for qualified and/or experienced teachers and education specialists for jobs in ESL and other subject areas - worldwide.

For a summary look at the entire site see our Table of Contents below.


Imagine teaching English in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, China or Hong Kong, a job market where there is a shortage of people with your qualifications, the hours and salary are very good, you have your choice of job offers, respected status and the opportunity to travel and see the world........ Jobs are full time, short term or summer.


Teaching qualifications and experience, though helpful (more money), are not necessary at most ESL schools.

For answers to the following questions and many more see our Table of Contents below.

How do I get one of these jobs?

How much money do I make? ...........up to $4500.00 per month.

How do I check out employers to ensure they are reputable?

What is the cost of living there?

What is day to day life like there?

What are the working conditions, contract terms, hours of work, etc.?

Where do I find accommodation? Is it and travel costs provided?

How do I find recruiters and employers?

Can I teach other subjects or work in other professions? How do I find these jobs?

These questions and many more are answered below as we take you step by step through the process of landing a job and then living and working overseas. See our Table of Contents below.


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Table of Contents


We assist both qualified professional teachers and unqualified amateur teachers find jobs teaching in Asia by taking people step by step through contacting employers, getting hired, visas, travel and settling in once in Asia. Information includes extensive lists of recruiters and employers for TESL, TEFL, ESL and other subjects. We also offer detailed advice and Guides to living and working in various Asian countries, all from people who have actually lived and worked there. The majority of jobs are in the Asia Pacific countries of Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China and Hong Kong. Later we will be adding assistance for Malaysia, Indonesia and other destinations Almost all the jobs for amateur teachers are teaching conversational English and ESL. Positions for qualified teachers include all subjects. There are also positions for experienced and qualified education administrators and specialists.

There is a lot of information about living and working in various Asian countries in what follows as well as a good deal about Asia Facts Unlimited and how we help people who are interested in travelling, living and working in Asia Pacific. See the Table of Contents above for a quick reference and hypertext links to what this page offers. Almost all of the information is in one file so you have the option to either use the hypertext links or simply scroll through the document viewing each section in sequence.

Although Asia Facts Unlimited began our service in 1992 and we are in our 14th year, we still make the odd error on our web site. If you encounter any problems with links or other aspects please let us know. We will periodically update these pages as conditions for living and working in the various Asian countries change and as we add more countries to our list of Guides.


Imagine a job market where there is always a shortage of people with your qualifications, the hours and pay are very good, you have your choice of job offers, respected status and the opportunity to travel and see the world. Permanent, full time, part time, short-term and summer jobs are all available. Sound good? That's the opportunity we enjoyed as conversational English teachers in countries throughout the Asia Pacific! With our help you too can take advantage of this unique opportunity to travel and teach English in Asia. Teaching qualifications and experience are not necessary for ESL jobs and the international experience and contacts dramatically enhance career opportunities.

In addition, as Asian nations continue to take a more active role in international trade and global affairs, opportunities are opening up for foreigners in other professions. Many people take the opportunity to teach English in Asia and after they establish contacts are able to work there in other professions such as writer, editor, translator, finance, computers, law, science, advertising, photography, modeling and even art and music. Qualified teachers can teach not only English but are hired by schools, colleges and universities to teach other subjects and to fill administrative positions.

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Why Asia Needs Both Professional and Amateur Teachers

Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore have all become economic giants in the last twenty years but have few natural resources and must focus on international trade for continued success. Thailand is not far behind and the People's Republic of China has the potential to become a world economic leader. English is the international language of business, diplomacy, mathematics, literature and science and is therefore an indispensable part of the future for all these countries. Many Asians study English grammar and vocabulary in school but most have virtually no ability to speak English. Conversational English skills are a tremendous advantage in the work place and in the fierce competition for places in prestigious national universities and Western schools. Millions of students of all ages and occupations attend extra classes at private language schools or take courses in conversational English through their employer. As a result, there is a multi-billion dollar English language industry and a huge demand for conversational English instructors throughout Asia.

Employers prefer "native English speakers" from Canada and the U.S. because they teach "conversational" English needed to converse with Western people. The direct method of language training where only English is spoken in class is often used so knowledge of the host country's language is often not necessary.

Japan has the largest demand for English language instructors in the world with thousands of schools and corporations hiring English speaking foreigners for more than 10,000,000 students of all ages who study conversational English. There are now about 7,000 foreign English instructors in Japan alone. Many have no teaching qualifications, training or experience and plan to teach there only temporarily.

There are thousands more "native speaker teachers" in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore, most teaching for one year or less. The demand for ESL teachers is also growing by leaps and bounds in Thailand and China. As a result, schools and corporations must constantly replace English speaking staff and there is always a shortage of foreigners to teach conversational English throughout Asia. It is also very common for travellers to teach for the summer or 1 to 3 months at other times of the year in one of these countries to save money as they work their way around Asia. Students are of all ages and occupations: preschoolers, primary, secondary, college & university students, housewives, business people, professionals, etc., and even some senior citizens.

Teachers also come from all age groups from age 18 to 65 (most are under 40) and couples with both partners working are common. Schools hire both full time and part time teachers. Many teachers increase income with lucrative private tutoring of wealthy professionals and businessmen in their spare time. Established private tutors make C$45.00 (US$33.00) to C$100.00 (US$73.00) per hour. Western educators are respected the world round and qualified teachers from North America are recruited by primary and secondary international schools and by colleges and universities throughout Asia and in other countries around the world.

In the above paragraph and what follows, "C$"=Canadian dollars and "US$"=US dollars.

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Contract Terms

Contract terms vary with location but most of what follows applies to all countries. Salary figures are for Japan where teachers earn the most but in all countries full time ESL teachers are paid on a level with professionals, well above the cost of living. Schools and corporations hire at all times of the year. When they hire for six months or more they sponsor the instructor for a work permit. Classroom hours are usually 20 to 25 hours per week, normal salaries range from C$3100.00 (US$2250.00) to C$4600.00 (US$3350.00) per month, benefits often include a bonus of one month's pay on completion, air fare, health insurance, transportation costs and assistance to find accommodation if you sign a one year contract. Some schools even provide accommodation and/or the use of a car.

Taxes are relatively low in all countries. Most have no sales taxes, income taxes are usually under 10% and in Korea teachers’ salaries are often tax exempt.

When instructors are hired for summer jobs or a few months at other times of the year they work on one of several types of short term visa. Visa requirements vary from country to country. It is also possible to work part time to pay expenses while you are visiting the country. Pay ranges from C$800.00 (US$575.00) to C$1200.00 (US$875.00) per week or C$35.00 (US$25.00) to C$55.00 (US$40.00) per hour. Benefits include transportation costs, health insurance and assistance to find accommodation.

Schools provide classroom workbooks, teaching aids and training. You are not expected to speak their language and other teachers can assist you to settle in. Often foreign teachers are assisted by local teachers in the classroom.

Qualified teachers are in short supply, so professional teachers with certificates and/or experience often command even higher salaries and elite positions at ESL schools. There are also jobs available in primary and secondary international schools, colleges and universities where qualified teachers can teach other subjects as well as English or work in administrative or support positions. These jobs offer benefits and higher pay than the ESL jobs noted above. For a list of recruiters, agencies and others who assist qualified educators, see "Worldwide opportunities" for qualified teachers, administrators and specialists.

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Do You Qualify?

Teaching qualifications and experience, though helpful, are not necessary to teach ESL because the demand for teachers is so high and most conversational English teachers in Asia had none when they were hired. Although schools look for teacher training and experience, they often cannot find it and other schools prefer no training and experience, preferring to train you in their own proven methods. Most important is a helpful, friendly attitude, reliability and sincerity. Government schools and many private schools ask for a college degree (any discipline will do), however many conversational English teachers have no degree because the demand for instructors is so high and the attitude is that any native English speaker can teach one's own language. Those with qualifications and/or experience often make more money but are in short supply, hence the demand for amateur teachers..

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Who is Asia Facts Unlimited?

Asia Facts Unlimited is a company registered in the State of New York and with Companies Branch, Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations in Ontario, Canada since February 1992. We publish and periodically update books and information on Asia compiled by Canadians and Americans with combined experience of 16 years living, working and traveling in Asia. Many of those years were spent teaching English in Asia. Some of our contributors are still teaching there. We had no teaching qualifications, training or experience before we were hired. Teaching English was a tremendously exciting and rewarding experience which allowed us to save money ($1000/mth) while gaining experience as teachers, learn about Asian cultures, make lifelong friendships overseas and visit other exotic parts of Asia. After we established contacts it was also possible to work there in other professions.

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How We Help You

Before we started out our biggest problem in getting a teaching job in Asia was knowing what to do and where to apply. We had heard there were two ways to find an employer ((a) contacting schools and (b) contacting corporations which teach English to their employees), but there was no list or directory of schools or companies to contact and nothing to advise us on how to begin the process and work through it until we had a job and were settled in Asia. As a result it took us months and a lot of effort and ingenuity to contact even a small number of employers. We also had very little knowledge of living and working conditions in Asia and had to learn expensive lessons by trial and error.

When we returned home we decided to solve this problem for other adventurous souls. Using our personal knowledge and contacts in Asia we first created two new books on working in Japan which are unique and indispensable to anyone who wishes to work there, providing the information you need to succeed, solving the problem of who to contact, saving months in job search time, providing comprehensive details of work and life in Japan, how to land a job and how to save money on travel/living expenses.

Our books on Japan were first available in March of 1992 and were so well received that we expanded and updated later editions. The 1999 edition (our 6th edition) is our most complete. We also offer Supplements providing information on employers, living/working conditions, contract terms and visa information on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and China. "How to Live and Work in Japan - 1999 Guide" contains much valuable information on how to land a job, choose a good employer, get private tutoring jobs, save on travel/living costs, teaching tips and other information on life in Asia. This information, not available in the 1997 Supplements, is also very helpful if you are living and working in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, China or Singapore. For this reason, many people interested in other countries also buy the Japan Guide for the advice it contains on so many topics.

Asia Facts Unlimited's addresses and numbers are here.

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Our books and their contents are described below.

(1) How to Live and Work in Japan - 1999 Guide

The 1999 Japan Guide includes the 1997 Guide together with a new, updated 1999 list of Schools in Japan - 480 schools with addresses, phone and fax, including 64 email and/or web sites.


The 1999 GUIDE is only US$21.88/C$28.88 plus shipping and handling. To order click on "How to Order" below.

To see the complete Table of Contents of the 1999 Guide click here.

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(2) 1999 List of Schools in Japan.


The 1999 List of Schools in Japan is sold separarely for only US$8.88/C$11.88 plus shipping & handling. To order click on "How to Order" below.

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(3) Email and Web Site Guide to 152 schools in Japan which posted job ads in late 1999.


The Email/Web Site Guide is only US$8.88/C$11.88 plus shipping & handling. To order click on "How to Order" below.

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(4) 1997 Directory of Japanese Corporations in Ontario


This Directory is only US$12.88/C$18.88 plus shipping & handling. To order click on "How to Order" below.

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(5) 1997 Supplements for Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong. Year 2000 Supplements for Thailand and China.


These Supplements are sold separately and are only US$10.88/C$14.88 for each country plus shipping & handling (discounts on multiple orders. See the order form.).

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(6) Opportunities for Qualified Teachers, Administrators and Specialists.


This guide is included in our Guides for Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, H.K., South Korea, Thailand and China but is also available as a separate guide if you do not choose to purchase one of the others. This guide is only US$7.88/C$9.88 plus shipping & handling. To order click on "How to Order" below.

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Invest in your future. Take advantage of this great opportunity to travel and teach English in Asia. These one of a kind publications will help you succeed, as they have helped others, by saving you countless hours and much frustration and providing valuable information towards achieving your goal. Choose one publication or save on our special discount on the purchase of two or more. See the order form for discount details. This is a limited time offer and these copyrighted books are not available elsewhere so order now.

Please clearly indicate your order on the order form or in a letter and send cheque or money order payable to ASIA FACTS UNLIMITED to RR1 Seeley's Bay, Ontario KOH 2N0 Canada. Orders will be processed immediately uponreceipt. You may also pay by Visa, Mastercard and AmericanExpress credit cards and order by phone, fax or email. See the order form.

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Money Back Guarantee

Thousands of people have used our publications to help them achieve their dream to live and work overseas. We provide valuable information that makes it possible for you to obtain overseas employment at nominal cost. If you are not satisfied that our products are full of valuable information to assist you then write us a letter stating your reasons, return the products in good condition within 30 days of receipt, and we will promptly refund the purchase price.


Robert Burton, President, ASIA FACTS UNLIMITED

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Testimonials about Job Guides by Asia Facts Unlimited

We are in our 14th year publishing Guides to living and working in Asia Pacific countries. Here are just a few examples of what people think of our Guides :

Our Guides were recomended on CBC Morning News in an interview on teaching in Asia Pacific by Professor Palmer Acheson, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Programs, TESL Centre, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Professor Acheson, an expert in the ESL industry who keeps abreast of publications on teaching around the world, recommended our Guides for people interested in teaching ESL in Asia. "TESL"="Teaching English as a Second Language".

"I am currently living and working in Japan. I found your Japan Guide very helpful and instrumental in getting myself established in Japan. Once I have finished...in Japan I'm interested...in another country. Please advise me if you have any information on living and working in other areas." Catherine Owttrim, Wakayama-ken, Japan 649-22

Asked to send us a review of our latest Taiwan Supplement after teaching in Taiwan for two years, one customer responded - "...your stuff looks good....You might want to mention that the China Post always has the most and better English teaching jobs in it. The China News is ...better newspaper, but CP has the best adverts. ...Your list of schools is still accurate....quite good....I forgot to say THANKS! for the...OPPORTUNITIES FOR QUALIFIED EDUCATORS, ADMINISTRATORS AND SPECIALISTS. Regards," Ted Tucker, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

"I purchased your 1997 Japan Guide and was hired and given a contract to teach in Japan by one of your listed recruiters in the USA very soon after I contacted them. I would recommend your Guides to anyone interested in teaching in Asia and want to thank you very much for your tremendous service....." Ramone, Houston,Texas USA

"I bought the "How to Live in Japan" guide from you earlier this year and I have found it very informative and helpful. I am leaving for Japan to teach English at the beginning of next year. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I would like to order these supplements: South Korea, China, Taiwan,Thailand. Sincerely,......" .... Rohan Cox, Park Orchards, Victoria , Australia 3114

"Thanks a lot. I already have a copy of "How to Live and Work in Japan" and really appreciate it. Please also send me information about your other books. Thanks again." Alan Doercksen, Toronto, Ontario M6H 4B5

"I have just signed a two year contract to teach ESL in Japan with a recruiter in the US which was listed in your book. Thanks a million!" Alex Kellog., Syracuse, NY 13221

"My daughter purchased your Korea Supplement which helped her find a job. She is now working in Seoul, Korea. She took the Supplement with her to help her get settled in and says the information in it is very accurate and very helpful both before and after you reach Korea." Mrs. Lucy Carman, St. Catherines, Ontario

"I have my copy of How to Live and Work in Japan, and must express my satisfaction. This is a very extensive and helpful guide and I have already begun to prepare letters, following your tips and advice, to some of the many schools listed. Since I have not made a final choice as to my destination, I would like all four Asia supplements." Tim Barton, Regina, Saskatchewan S4X 1E6

"...2 years ago I sent away for your How to live and Work in Japan - 1994 Guide. Currently I am living in Japan... I would like to purchase the most recent edition." Jennifer Hannon, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164 Japan

"I have your book "How to Live and Work in Japan". It is a great source of information and easy to use, even for the beginner...." Sean Souter, Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 5B4

To see the Table of Contents of How to Live and Work in Japan - 1997 Guide click here.

To see more details about living and working in Asia, Asia Facts Unlimited and our Guides to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, China and Hong Kong, click here.

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How to Live & Work in Japan - 1999 Guide

Table of Contents

To see more details on living and working in Asia, Asia Facts Unlimited, the Japan Guide and our Supplements for Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China and Hong Kong, click here.

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Asia Facts Unlimited Teacher Recruiting

Send resumes and indicate date available for work to asiafacts@kos.net at Asia Facts Unlimited. Please DO NOT use email attachments. Cut and paste resume into email message. We do not open email messages with attachments. Messages with attachments are deleted.

If you qualify for one of our jobs we will email you with procedures and details and advice on living and working in Korea.

Often we will not have openings suitable for you. Another trustworthy recruiter you may apply to is Asia-Pacific Connections, Ltd. who offer reliable placements in Korea to U.S. and Canadian native speakers of English. It's run by an experienced English teacher with Korea experience himself. A full undergraduate degree is required. Visit the APC website for more information.

Contract terms for jobs now open in South Korea:

Education: must be native English speaker with a degree in any discipline. No teaching qualifications or experience are necessary.

Housing: free apartment provided

Salary: 1.8 m Won/month (Can$2100.00, US$1400.00) to 2.3 m Won/month (Can$2450.00, US$1650.00) plus year end bonus of 1 month's pay, 2 weeks paid holidays and 12 days paid national holidays

Flight: return ticket provided

Medical: employer pays 1/2 full medical coverage

Hours: usually 25 teaching hours per week, 15 hours admin and preparation time

Visa: we provide working visa through the employer

From time to time we will have job openings in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. If you wish to apply, forward your resume and date available to us and we will contact you when these openings occur.

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Coming Attractions

Currently we publish Guides to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and China.

We are also working on materials for Malaysia and Indonesia. We can't say exactly when they will be ready because it depends on the speed with which our contacts in those countries can gather, verify and update information. It also depends on how much time we can devote to new materials in the next few months. We will not offer any material until we are satisfied it is accurate, current and helpful. We hope to be able to complete Indonesia and Malaysia Guides in the future. We do not have time to answer questions about when new materials will be ready but will update this page periodically to advise when you can expect the new Guides. Stay tuned! Visit this page now and then for an update.

We have had discussions with veterans of teaching in Central and South American countries and are considering a joint effort to produce materials on some of those destinations but, given our time constraints, that project will probably have to wait until next year.

We are interested in hearing from you about which countries you have the most interest in . We will give the most popular countries priority and try to complete Guides to them first. Although we will not have time to answer your questions on other countries, we would like to hear your preferences by email. Click here to send email to us on this topic.

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Customer Service and Delivery Times

Giving high quality service is important to us and we have received thanks from many satisfied customers since we first offered our service in March, 1992. We invite you to contact your local consumer organizations to confirm we have no complaints about our service. In Canada, the Ottawa, Winnipeg and Halifax offices of the Better Business Bureau have handled enquiries about our service for many years. If you ask them they will tell you they have no complaints about our service.

We have a 24 hour customer service and after hours voice mail line so customers can call us and speak to us, select recorded information or leave a message with questions about our service. (613) 387-2628. You can also contact us by email or fax. Delivery times after ordering are set out below.

Orders paid by credit card or money order are sent out within 5 days of receipt. It can take a week or more for your order to reach you by mail. If you order by fax or email your order should reach you in 2 to 3 weeks. If you order by post it can take a week or more for it to reach us so allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

If you pay by cheque we wait until our bank OKs the cheque before sending out the order. Unfortunately we receive some bad cheques. Cheques take 2 weeks to clear. Allowing a week or more for your order to reach us and the same time for delivery, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for orders paid by cheque.

Delivery problems are very rare. We've never lost a customer's order and had only two shipments lost in the mail over the years. Please do not contact us about delivery until the appropriate times set out above have expired. We do not have the time or budget to respond to enquiries about orders that are not late.

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Other net resources on Asia Pacific countries


See our next section for advice on how to get quality information on Asia through the Internet.

This section is presently under construction. More links will be added if we find them helpful. Please check back periodically. Also, do us a favour and let us know by email if any of the links are defective or no longer in existence.

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How to Get Quality Information about Asia on the Net

A word to the wise. When looking for information on the net or elsewhere you should follow these simple rules:

(1) Always ask when the information was last updated and whether it was done by people on site in Asia. Publications on working overseas can become quickly outdated. Updating is very time consuming and not everybody does it regularily.

(2) Be wary of services which don't give you much hard information on the net, but want you to telephone for more information. It is very easy to provide plenty of details on a web site. If they do not do that it may be because they would rather give you a sales pitch over the telephone and sell you something before you have a chance to see what you are getting.

(3) If there is a guarantee involved, make sure you see that guarantee in writing before you spend your money.

For the best information available on living and working in Asia click here. Our Guides take you step by step through the process of finding an employer, negotiating a contract and settling in after arrival in Asia Pacific.

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Best wishes on your job search and in your travels.

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