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Colonization Road

The Screening Room
120 Princess St., Kingston

Since Europeans arrived on these shores, roads have been built to bring settlers across the country, connect them with resources to create industry and ultimately to establish a nation. Many of these interconnecting networks are called Colonization Roads. For Indigenous peoples, these roads embody a powerful and ironic reality; colonization is still so powerful, we name our roads after it. Join Anishinaabe comedian, Ryan McMahon as he travels across Ontario learning about Colonization Roads, the ways in which they have dispossessed Indigenous people of land and access to traditional territories while creating space for settlers in the colonial experiment that has become Canada.

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Actions you can take for human rights

Village of Jayyus

Jayyus is a Palestinian village whose 3,000 residents' livelihoods depend mainly on farming. The Israeli security fence/wall cut off the villagers from two thirds of their land and all six wells that provide the village's water. AI Kingston is working on behalf of the people of Jayyus, along with several other Amnesty groups.


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