In my teens, I used to street race my 55 Chevy (we lived in a rural area where no one really cared). As I got older, I took my love for fast cars one step further - to the NHRA Stock Eliminator. (Stock isn't stock.)

Taken at the NHRA Grand National Molson (1976) at the Sanair drag strip. The car was my 1966 Chevelle.

Taken in Pomona CA, at the NHRA Winternationals (1978). This was my 1965 Chevelle wagon, and I raced in the O/ Stock class. The Winternationals are held at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds (now called the Fairplex), and the drag strip was named after the police chief who was instrumental in the birth of the racetrack. The strip is called Parker Avenue in his honour.

A rough day at the office! Taken Labour Day Weekend, 1981, I had spent the day replacing the tranny, the driveshaft, and the rear end yoke. This was nothing new for this car - it broke a lot of parts. It didn't like those 7 000 RPM starts.

These cars were all powered by 283 cubic inch engines, backed up by four speed transmissions and 12 bolt rear ends.


  • Factory horsepower: 220 horse
  • Carburation: Rochester 4GC four barrel
  • Compression ratio: 8.50 : 1
  • Intake valves: 1.72 inch diameter
  • Exhaust valves: 1.50 inch diameter
  • Camshaft: lift - .399 inches
            duration - 300 degrees
  • Intake Manifold: stock cast iron

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